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Quick Answer: How Can Life Science CIOs Accelerate Remote Audit Adoption?

Remote auditing is here to stay. Explore how it can benefit your business.

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the life science industry’s use of virtual audit technologies has increased dramatically. Discover how CIOs are using what they’ve learned from this approach to speed up adoption of virtual audits in their own organizations. 

“The pandemic has likely produced a permanent shift in the use of remote audit technologies to supplement in-person audits. Companies that have successfully incorporated these capabilities into existing audit processes are realizing the benefits… and have no plans to go back to legacy, on-site methods exclusively.” – Gartner, Quick Answer: How Can Life Science CIOs Accelerate Remote Audit Adoption?, Jeff Smith, 22 October 2021

Get Crucial Insights Into ESG Ratings & Investor Priorities

Now more than ever, ESG ratings are key in influencing potential investors. With the help of Gartner research on ESG ratings and research firms, how they work, and which ones are currently the biggest players in the market, CFOs can leverage ESG ratings to gain traction and attract—then maintain—the interest of investors. 

“Continued growth in this market will lead vendors to demand more data from more companies. As a result, CFOs must find new metrics to disclose without losing their focus on materiality and data quality.”

– 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Corporate ESG Ratings and Research”

Gartner Remote Audit Adoption Statistics Percent of Audit Departments

Discover the perks of remote auditing, including:

  • Reducing costs, including food and travel expenses 
  • Expanding coverage as services and suppliers get more diversified
  • Saving time by avoiding travel
  • Improving flexibility and usage, as auditors have historically been chosen not for their experience and specialization, but based on their locality

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