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From in-person events and conferences to regular webinars and online forums with thought leaders from around the globe, Benchmark ESG’s events and trainings offer valuable opportunities to connect with other professionals in the ESG community. Gain critical insights on advancements in the industry, engage with peers on common challenges and how to handle them, and learn from the experts on what you can do to strengthen your ESG program and your company’s results.

Innovative Solutions To Master Climate Disclosures

London, UK

Explore the evolving carbon management landscape at December's Verdantix Climate Summit in London. Join us as we'll discuss expanding technology options and share insights into how to develop, revise and implement an effective Net Zero strategy.

A Deep Dive into the E in ESG

Virtual Location

How do your organization’s operations and that of your supply chain affect the environment? In Part 2 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass webinar series, ESG experts will address this central question, breaking down the key components of your environmental footprint...

The S in ESG

Virtual Location

Social metrics are an important indicator of ESG performance. In Part 3 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass series, our ESG experts will take a closer look at the ‘Social’ pillar in ESG and explore the social factors that can affect...

The G in ESG & Decoding Investment-Grade ESG Data

Virtual Location

The ‘Governance’ pillar involves decision-making governance considerations and the risks and opportunities associated with corporate governance practices. While considered an underdog in the current ESG landscape, Governance sets the stage for top-down policies in your organization that affect E and...

Digitally Transform Your ESG Program: Optimize ESG Reporting & Performance

Virtual Location

Collecting the E, S, and G metrics in ESG requires robust cross-collaboration and pulling in data from across your organization’s finance, health & safety, HR, CSR, supply chain and operations, and many more verticals. Additionally, collected data needs to be...